We are a mobile car and pre-sale car detailing specialist in Sydney.


Laurinda Car Detailing is a car detailer specialist recognised in Sydney. Whether it is a Prestige, Classic, a high-performance exotic car, preparation is vital. Laurinda Car Detailing is proud of the methods of ensuring perfect finish with incredible work of car detailing. We provide services for car detailing, treatments and applications with professional products and no bulk trade products. This unique service requires rich experience, knowledge and understanding of cars and car details.

At Laurinda Car Detailing, we are specialised in providing a professional car care service for the auto dealer professionals and the general public. Our talented artists will give all used cars a new look. Laurinda Car Detailing is equipped with the most advanced technology, modern facilities and experienced professionals, committed to providing our customers with reliable and efficient services. We are continually seeking ways to improve our business to meet customer needs.

In the years ahead, our team will work even harder to deliver continuous, competitively priced and customer-oriented service in a professional standard.

Our service packages are designed for any car, in any condition, and for various budgets. We make your vehicle look great at a great price! Your satisfaction is the key to our success.

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