Paint Protection Film

Paint protection in Chatswood is deemed a solid product to guarantee the colored surfaces of your car. We use a thermoplastic-based urethane movie to protect the paint from weathering and also oxidization. It uses sensational sealant capability highlights than wax or silicone materials. The damp sanding is an interaction to offer your outstanding cars an also and reflect-like concluding.

Damp sanding eliminates significant scrapes to offer a glimmering look to your vehicle. Depend on the pro in paint defense and also you can save your money. We’ve obtained your back.


Here you can see what we offer and what you’ll pay for that

Service Price
Full colour change wrapping From $2000
Roof wrap From $200
Bonnet wrap From $300
Mirror wrap From $150 pair
Commercial vehicle wrapping from $900 (full wrap)
Logos and partials from $250

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