Paint Protection Film

Made from a blend of cutting edge elastomeric polymers, paint protection film in Coopers Plaint has an extraordinary clear coat which doesn’t just keep the film away from staining because of contamination and splendid radiation. It recuperates itself from turn checks and light scratches that can happen through typical washing and drying or bit by bit driving.

Toxic substances, for example, bug splatter, bird and bat droppings, sap, and street tar clear off paint assurance film’s super-smooth surface with material, while scratches and light scratches in the outside of the film vanish inside the space of minutes in the shine of the sun or the sparkle of your carport—pulling out your vehicle faultless and the defensive film like new.


Here you can see what we offer and what you’ll pay for that

Service Price
Full colour change wrapping From $2000
Roof wrap From $200
Bonnet wrap From $300
Mirror wrap From $150 pair
Commercial vehicle wrapping from $900 (full wrap)
Logos and partials from $250

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