Paing Protection Film

We are one of the best car detailers in Lane Cove. We are trained to manage any of your vehicle’s needs. Our services, together with our products will guarantee to make your car look smooth and shiny. We offer a lifetime guarantee coverage for your vehicles. Paint protection film in Lane Cove offers a vehicle covering that utilizes nanotechnology to convey an immense scope of advantages like going about as insurance against natural pollutants, compound opposition, oxidation, hostile to spray paint, UV obstruction, erosion opposition, and some more.

We ensure your vehicle with sustained clay covering, which is also called quartz covering or glass covering to offer additional assurance to your vehicle.


Here you can see what we offer and what you’ll pay for that

Service Price
Full colour change wrapping From $2000
Roof wrap From $200
Bonnet wrap From $300
Mirror wrap From $150 pair
Commercial vehicle wrapping from $900 (full wrap)
Logos and partials from $250

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