Car Detailing Course


• Different type of chemicals used for detailing a motor vehicle

• How to make a motor vehicle with an extra shine professional finish

• The correct way to wash an engine bay

• How to restore headlights


• General paint correction

• How to buff, cut, polish and wax

• How to apply for pre-treatment and paint protection

• All tips you need to know to clean exterior and interior


This is not a quick finish course, you are not just supposed to come to listen and make notes. You actually come here to learn and practise. Our professor will provide one on one training. You can bring your own vehicle. We will provide all chemical and equipment.

$2000 for a full week car detailing course.

Vinyl Wrapping Course

Learn about different vinyl materials, production methods and product performance

Tackle the fundamental aspects of applying graphics films

No background or experience required
. Practice on different vehicles/panel

Coached by our highly professional trainers


Finish off with wrapping every single panel on the car

You will be able to wrap full car by the end of the course

Further practise required

Technical support in the future


The full course will take 1 – 2 weeks, all depends on how fast you learn. Full course priced at $3000.

Paint Protection Film Training Course

Learn how to apply the new Paint Protection Film: Get theoretical and practical insights into the specific application methods on a one-day hands-on workshop with our professional trainers. Expand your business and become a full solution provider in vehicle customization, by making use of our entire portfolio and meet the increasing demand for paint protection.


• No background or experience required, for any professional in the field of wrapping and conversion.

• You will get to practice on pre-cut sized PPF and trying Bulk fit on the car.

• Learn different technics off installing PPF

• Get to different ways of installing PPF


A full course will take around 1 week time, future technic support is provided. The full course is priced $5000.

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