the effective technique to repair car windshield


Our Window Tinting Services in Thornleigh are top notch. The primary advantage of window shading is the ability to conceal the inside of the car for security purposes and protect the interior part against ultra- violet light. For added advantages of tinting, the shades can give protection to car windows and for the car as a whole. We are the best because we only employ the expert in the field. Talking about window tinting? Leave your problem to us.

This is why window tinting is usually used in Limousines. Regardless of the purpose for studying a way to cast off tint from car windows, the method is simple and can be completed using general tools. A heat gun or high-energy hairdryer is wanted, alongside a brand new razor blade. Window tinting is an art so it means beauty. Leave it us and we can show you our art work done with care.


Here you can see what we offer and what you’ll pay for that

Service Price
Coupe $280
Sedan $300
SUV $350

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